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You Have To See This List Of The Worst Book Covers Of All Time
January 29, 2013
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They say you can't judge a book by its cover. But they probably weren't thinking about these books specifically.

These are selections from So Bad So Good's list of The 10 Worst Book Covers In The History Of Literature, and although that list has to be subjective, they've definitely found some astonishingly misguided works to throw into the mix.

Part of the fun is that all these book covers are bad in different ways.

With this one, it's the "huh?" factor that makes you wonder how long a book with this cover could possibly be. I mean... Just try not to get in their way, right?


And then, of course, there's this, which is just very, very wrong:


For the fitness buff who is also into psychology, well:


Then there's the cover with highly questionable design that you nevertheless want to immediately order online, because what is going on here?!?


And finally, there's an indispensable guide to the most important thing of all: being awesome.


Check out the full list right here.

Via So Bad So Good


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