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You Are My Sunshine; Man Serenades His Wife Of 66 Years In Hospital
June 14, 2013
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This video is 66 years of love expressed in just over a minute.

It was posted by Linda Whitaker while her father was in hospital in Utah, suffering from a blood infection he developed after hip replacement surgery.

Her dad, James Pinegar (who's 86), serenaded his wife Colleen (who's 85) with the wonderfully simple 'You Are My Sunshine'.

Of course, when you're 86 and dealing with a blood infection, it's serious stuff - making the song that much more poignant.

With James worried he might not make it, he asked Colleen to come closer and said "this is special to me" and started singing, as she joined in.

"I was visiting my dad in the hospital, and my son and his wife were there, and he wanted to film his grandpa, who he is very close to,'' Whitaker told TODAY.com in an email.

"My dad is very sentimental and having gotten this blood infection felt his life was short, and that song is their theme song. I had my son put it on (YouTube) so family and friends could see his great love for my mom."

The good news is - after three months, James recovered. And Colleen was there every day by his side.

Incredibly, James first went into the hospital after he slipped on the ice while helping a 90-year-old neighbour who had also fallen.

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