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Why Is The Canada-U.S. Border Where It Is & Why Isn’t It Straighter?
June 8, 2013
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They say good fences make good neighbours, but does our border with the United States qualify as a "good fence"? It's definitely long, but it looks a little wonky.

CGP Grey, maker of entertaining and informative YouTube videos, has created a fascinating explanation of why the border between Canada and the U.S. is where it is - and why it's just not straight.

The video gets into the history of how the border - which Grey calls "the no-touching zone" - was created, the way less-than-ideal maps led to some awkward decisions, why Vancouver Island isn't half-American, and how a couple of islands are still disputed territory to this day.

Although it's pretty easy to draw a straight line on a map, the realities of geography and the limitations of GPS technology in the 19th century made it a lot harder to keep things even in the real world.

That's why our border is actually made up of about 900 different zig-zaggy lines, and it's also responsible for some oddities here and there.

The video's well worth a look.

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