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Watch The The Moon Orbiting The Earth In A “Heavenly Waltz”
December 11, 2013
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Sure, it's a little grainy, but the video above shows something truly special: for the first time ever, it provides a view of the moon orbiting the Earth. (And it's set to a dreamy original score by Vangelis.)

The footage was taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft, which blasted past Earth in October on its way to Jupiter. For scale, the images were taken when the ship was about 966,000 km away — about three times the distance between the Earth and the moon — and travelling at an amazing 138,000 km/h. The cameras involved are actually "optimized to track faint stars," which explains the somewhat low-res footage of the Earth-moon dance.

Describing the footage, NASA's Scott Bolton, the principal investigator on the Juno mission, said, "No previous view of our world has ever captured the heavenly waltz of Earth and moon." Juno is expected to reach Jupiter in July, 2016.

Via Gizmodo

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