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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Very Young Indiana Jones Has Cool Uncle
July 13, 2012
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It can be hard to find the perfect birthday gift for a young relative. But if that relative happens to be into the Indiana Jones movies (and Star Wars, apparently), letting him star in his own Indiana Jones flick has to be a winner.

That's the story behind 'Indiana Jones and the Jungle Spider', this fan film that YouTube user macduckable (aka Uncle Jeff) created for his young nephew. It may not be too long on plot, and the object Indy's after seems like it might have come from the dollar store, but it's a pretty sweet way to celebrate a young fan's birthday:

By the way, a perceptive YouTube commenter noticed that the young star's shirt is inside out. Uncle Jeff's explanation? "Yeah, he showed up in a Star Wars shirt so I told him to turn it inside out to hide the giant letters on the front". The force is strong with this one.

And speaking of Indy - the original Mr. Jones turns 70 today. Happy birthday to Harrison Ford. He was in the red chair a few seasons back. Check out that interview below:

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