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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ride A Rocket Into Space
March 18, 2012
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It seems like NASA puts out a new high-tech video every other day - and it's not too surprising, given their special effects budget is bigger than the average YouTube user's. In fact, even NASA's proposed 2013 budget has its own associated video.

Still, this video is pretty impressive: ever wonder what it would be like to cling to the outside of a space shuttle as it blasts off, heads for outer space, floats above the planet, and then falls back through the atmosphere for a splash-down in the ocean? This new video, built from footage NASA cameras captured during a shuttle flight and featuring enhanced audio by Skywalker Sound, is an immersive journey out of Earth's atmosphere and back.

Make sure your speakers or headphones are turned on, and take a quick trip off the planet:

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