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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Monkeys + Synthesizers = Need We Say More?
May 30, 2012
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Some people aren't too impressed with electronic music - as the creators of this video suggest, "since the synthesizer was invented, the musicians have been asked 'is this really making music? You just press a button and out comes music, right?'" Well presumably if it's that simple, then even a monkey (or a ring-tailed lemur, or a baboon, or a sloth) could do it.

Or could they? To advertise the upcoming electronic music and art gathering Voltfestivalen in Sweden, musician and producer Hakan Lidbo thought it would be fun to give a bunch of electronic instruments to a bunch of animals at Skansen, Stockholm's only zoo, and see what happens. And while it might be a bit of stretch to call the results "music", it's certainly entertaining watching the animals interact with the instruments. Check out the video below:

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