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VIDEO OF THE DAY: How Fast Is Usain Bolt (Versus Everyone Ever)?
August 7, 2012
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Usain Bolt is now the first man since Carl Lewis to win back-to-back Olympic 100-metre titles. And he did it quickly: Bolt won gold in an incredible 9.63 seconds. If you feel like Olympic runners have been getting faster and faster over the years, you might be right, as this video from NYTimes.com proves.

It compares Olympic runners' winning times over the years, and then compares those times to young athletes of today. It seems that with advances in health and technology, human beings are able to run faster today than they could back in 1896. Check out the fascinating comparison below:

Usain's been all over the news these last few days, for obvious reasons - today, it emerged that he wants to try out for Manchester United, and that he will in fact get that chance. The English Premier League soccer club announced that they will give him a "trial".

And he's not just making moves in sports. Here's a video of him spinning some records for a crowd in Paris:

But alongside all his extra-curricular activities, Bolt still represents for the Olympic spirit. Here he is with Wenlock, the London 2012 mascot:


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