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Thousands Of Fans Invited To A Historic Soccer Stadium To Take A Souvenir Before The Place Is Torn D
November 28, 2012
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There's no denying hockey is an enormous part of Canada's culture. In the United States, it's the same with football and baseball.

But it's not just the game or a certain team that we love. A lot of times, our team's arena or stadium means just as much.

The building is part of the experience and creates memories that last a lifetime.


Think about Maple Leaf Gardens and the Montreal Forum, or Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Those places are iconic. And when they close, as the Gardens and the Forum did, it's sad because it marks the end of a chapter in our lives.


Well, here's something we'd love to see happen here. In Sweden, one of the country's most historic soccer stadiums is closing.

It's called Rasunda stadium and it's home to AIK - one of the biggest and oldest clubs in Sweden. It also hosted the 1958 World Cup Final.

As a thank you to its fans, the club invited thousands of people to come into the stadium and take their own souvenirs - from a piece of the turf to a seat in the stands.

Check out the video from The Guardian at the top of the page.

As one official put it, "this is really the soul of football you can feel inside here today, with all the supporters, and all the people with all their memories."

The stadium is being demolished to make way for new homes, while AIK is moving to a new venue.

By the way, if you've never seen the closing of the Montreal Forum, it is truly one of the most amazing moments in sports - especially the clip below.

Starting at :45, the fans give the late Maurice 'Rocket' Richard a standing ovation for nearly 7 minutes.

It shows how much his days playing in the Forum meant to the city, the people of Quebec and the French culture across Canada.

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