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The Egyptian Uprising In Tahrir Square Started Three Years Ago Today
January 25, 2014
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On January 25, 2011, thousands of Egyptians marched into Tahrir Square in central Cairo to protest government corruption and to call for democracy. The often-violent protests lasted 18 days, filling the country — or at least many of the younger pro-democratic citizens of Cairo — with hope that a new liberal democratic government might be on the way. On February 11, 2011, president Hosni Mubarak officially left office, and went on to stand trial for his response to the protests. In the end, the uprising didn't lead to greater stability. The army assumed control of the country until June 2012, when Mohamed Morsi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood party, was elected President — only to be deposed by a popular military coup a year later. And with each change came more protests. This week, tensions flared once again after months of relative calm as four explosions hit Cairo, killing 16 people. The attacks came only a week after Egyptians voted in favour of a new constitution — for the second time in two years. Take a look at some images of the fateful 2011 uprising in the gallery above. 

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