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Swedishness: A Hilarious Mockumentary On Swedish Culture
May 24, 2013
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Have you ever noticed, every time one of those "world's best country" lists comes out, Sweden is always at or near the top.

Doesn't matter what the category is - health care, education, quality of life, the environment, daycare, women's rights, life expectancy, child well being - it just seems the Swedes have it right.

Scandinavians in general, really - Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark... they pretty much own the podium on this stuff.

The video at the top is called 'Swedishness' - a terrific mockumentary about Swedish culture.

According to the "reporter", Sweden is "an unusual, even extreme country" with 100 expressions for "parental leave". And in Sweden, everyone is equal; the same rules apply to everyone.

We particularly like the war scene at the 1:00 mark and the scene with the actual Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt at 1:35.

The video was shown during last weekend's Eurovision Song Contest in Mälmo, Sweden.

via laughingsquid.com

By the way, if you're interested, here's a great list of interesting facts about Sweden that will no doubt make you jealous and resentful.

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