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The Sochi Team Canada Jerseys Are Here: How Do They Stack up?
October 8, 2013
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The New Jerseys

It's a quadrennial Canadian ritual: in the lead up to the Winter Olympic Games, the Team Canada hockey jerseys are unveiled, and the whole country weighs in on the latest battle gear. Today, Canadian Olympics officials revealed the uniforms, and yes, they're the same as the ones that leaked a while back.

Canadians got their first peek at this year's garb when a photo of Chicago Blackhawk Jonathan Toews surfaced, in which he was wearing a white-on-red jersey with a big maple leaf. Then a a photo (in the gallery above) went viral, this one matching Toews's and including a trio of vaguely retro-looking jerseys: Home (white-on-red), Away (red-on-white), and Alternate (red-on-black).

So what do you think of the jerseys? Here's your chance to weigh in:

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