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Check Out This Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Awesome Drawings Of History’s Greatest Composers
October 6, 2013
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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ronin Furdyk is really into classical music. He also loves to draw. Mash up those two interests, and you get these wonderful portraits of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and 21 other great composers.

Oh, and did we mention that Ronin, from Calgary, is just nine years old?

"Ronin's always had this love for classical music, since he was about three," his mother, Faye Furdyk, told Strombo.com. Although she says she and her husband are not particularly musical, Faye told us they began taking Ronin to orchestra concerts from a young age. Pretty soon, Ronin was arranging his stuffed animals into his own mini-orchestra in his room, and "conducting" them as classical CDs played in the background. He had a go at violin lessons when he was younger, and now he's just started on the piano. (Of course, like most kids, he also likes listening to more contemporary fare like LMFAO.)

These drawings came about one Sunday morning when Ronin was playing with an app that asks you to match a snippet of a piece with its composer. "He'd play that one until he got 100 per cent accuracy," Faye says. Ronin started drawing each composer as it came up in the app. "I thought they were kind of funky and cool," says Faye, so she sent some photos around to a friend of hers in Toronto. Pretty soon that friend showed another friend, and the photos landed in front of Jayme Keith, an editor at a new publishing house called Perish Publishing, which launched last week.

The result is "Twenty-Four Composers," a slim volume collecting Ronin's composer drawings. And what was Ronin's reaction when he saw the book? He was happy to see it, says Faye, but he also had another concern: "Where are my originals?" Spoken like a true artist already.

"Twenty-Four Composers" is available on the Perish Publishing website.

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