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Robbers Dig A Huge, Elaborate, Underground Tunnel To Break Into The Vault Of A German Bank
January 18, 2013
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This is like something out of a movie. And on some level, you have to respect the ingenuity and hard work to pull this off.

Over time, robbers dug at 45-metre (135-foot) tunnel to break into the vault of a Berlin bank, where safety deposit boxes were kept.

They carried out the robbery sometime after the bank closed last Saturday for the weekend and broke into the safety deposit boxes.

Police are still figuring out exactly what was taken and how much it's worth.

Today, police released photos and video of the tunnels for the first time. You can check it out at the top of the page.

A police spokesperson told the Associated Press the tunnel started at an underground parking garage and went into the bank's safe deposit room.


He said the tunnel was "very professional" and the thiefs must have spent weeks, even months building it with heavy machinery.

They started by cutting a large hole in a cement wall, then dug through sand and dirt.

The tunnel ended up about three feet wide and even had side and ceiling supports to hold it all together.

And all of it was done without anyone noticing or hearing.

After the break-in, the robbers set fire to the tunnel to cover their tracks.

Police were alerted to the break-in early on Monday when a security guard noticed smoke coming from the deposit room.

They've also released a photo of the suspects.


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