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These Beautiful Photos Bring Forgotten Technologies Back To Life
April 29, 2014
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Rotary Phone

When was the last time you saw an old film projector in operation? Or the last time you used an eight-inch floppy disk? In this series Relics of Technology, Portland, Oregon photographer Jim Golden pays loving homage to the obsolete, disused and forgotten pieces of equipment that at one point were an important part of our everyday lives. "The seeds for the Relics of Technology project started when I found a brick cell phone at a thrift store in rural Oregon,"  Golden says. "Since finding it, similar bits and pieces of old technology and media kept grabbing my attention." For some of his images, like the typewriter above, Golden brings the equipment back to life with animations of them in operation. For others, such as the floppy disks and VHS tapes in the gallery, he creates careful compositions of dozens of stacked objects. "These photos are reminders that progress has a price and our efforts have an expiration date."

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