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Meg Tilly on Kevin Costner
January 2, 2012
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One of Meg Tilly's early major roles was playing Kevin Costner's girlfriend, Chloe, in 1983's The Big Chill. (Don't remember Kevin Costner in that film? His scenes were famously edited out.) In this clip, Meg talks about working with Kevin before either of them became true stars.

Meg Tilly on Kevin Costner's ambition

"I remember everyone [the main cast] was like, 'Oh, I got my gift. Did you get your gift?' And they were all doing, 'my gift, my gift, my gift.' And I could see Kevin getting smaller and smaller, and then all of a sudden -- it was at a party, they were always having lots of parties - he said, 'Eff you. Some day I'm going to be bigger than all of you.' And he said it with such intent, I got this shiver inside....that was a side of Kevin that he didn't really show, because he was very amiable and friendly and nice, and he is very amiable and friendly and nice, and there's nothing wrong with having ambition, but for that moment, nobody saw it, but I thought, 'woah!' "

Meg Tilly is on the show tonight.

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