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Malala Yousafzai Released From Hospital Nearly Three Months After Being Shot In The Head
January 4, 2013
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Another big step forward for 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai.

Today, the Pakistani girl was released from hospital nearly three months after being shot in the head by the Taliban.

Malala was attacked in October on her way home from school, because she repeatedly stood up for every girl's right to get an education.

She spent much of her recovery at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, England where she received specialized care.

Doctors say she's well enough to go home with her family, who are living in Britain while Malala receives more treatment and therapy.

Over the next few weeks, she will be treated as an outpatient.

Then, in the next month or so, she'll be admitted to hospital again for another round of surgery to rebuild her skull.

Doctors believe she has a good chance to fully recover because a teenage brain is still growing and can better adapt to trauma.

malala-yousafzai-released-from-hospital-nearly-three-months-after-being-shot-in-the-head-by-the-taliban-feature1.jpg "Malala is a strong young woman and has worked hard with the people caring for her to make excellent progress in her recovery," said Dr. Dave Rosser, the medical director for University Hospitals Birmingham.

Over the past few weeks, she's been leaving the hospital to spend time with her father, mother and two younger brothers.

Since the attack, the Taliban has threatened to target Malala again because they say she promotes "Western thinking."

Around the world, she has become a symbol in the fight for women and girls' rights.

More than 275,000 people have signed a petition to nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize and she made the shortlist for Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2012.

After the shooting, surgeons in Pakistan removed a bullet which entered just above her left eye and ran along her jaw, grazing her brain.

A few weeks ago, Pakistan's president visited Malala at the hospital and assured the family his government would pay for her treatment.

Pakistan has also appointed Malala's father as its education attache in Birmingham, England.

The posting is for a minimum of three years, so it's almost certain Malala will remain in Britain for a while.

malala-yousafzai-released-from-hospital-nearly-three-months-after-being-shot-in-the-head-by-the-taliban-feature2.jpg It's not clear what her plans are as far as her education, but she can read in both English and Urdu.

In Malala's hometown of Mingora in Pakistan's Swat Valley, her family and friends hope she will eventually be well enough to go back there.

"I would say the real happy day will be when we all get confidence that there would be no threat of attack on any Malala of the country in the future," said 30-year-old Azizul Hasan, a cousin of Malala.

Just last month, several hundred students in her hometown protested against plans to have their school named after Malala.

They fear it will make it more of a target for the Taliban.

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