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Canadian Artist of the Week
LOOK AT THIS: The Surreal Installations Of Robert Hengeveld
May 17, 2014
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LOOK AT THIS is a weekly series featuring the work of Canadian artists, designers and creators of all sorts.

Name: Robert Hengeveld

Born: Toronto, 1976

Live and works: Toronto

His work: Through his large-scale installations, Hengeveld explores the line between reality and fiction. He told strombo.com: “The work often brings together a combination of the familiar and the absurd as a means to unpack how we relate to and understand the world we live in. It takes many different forms, from a floating shopping cart to a streetlamp that breaks out into Morse Code only to return to it is habitual act of illuminating.” Hengeveld has exhibited his work across Canada and internationally.

Current Exhibition: Guelph's MacDonald Stewart Art Centre is showcasing three large installations: a roller coaster with a looping coyote and bunny chase, a large three-dimensional milling machine that continuously attempts to water, cut, and maintain a hilly patch of turf, and an elevator that has been specifically created for the gallery transports the audience into a fantastical environment with a pond, mechanical birds, LED fireflies, fire pit, and remote-controlled ducks.

Next up: “Ssspun”, a spinning tree installed in a public park as part of the Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area, from May 31 through June 29, 2014.

Who amazes him: “Toronto actor and playwright Ins Choi; I’ve been following his career for several years and his creative use of material, music, spoken word, and especially silence continues to amaze me. It’s humble, but can be incredibly bold.”

Canadian artists he admires: “BGL for their humour and wit, David Hoffos for his ability to weave together technical and common materials to create fantastical worlds, and David Altmejd for the imaginative ambition of his work.”

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