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Canadian Artist of the Week
LOOK AT THIS: The Supersized Drawings and 3-Dimensional Wall Art of Dagmara Genda
May 10, 2014
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a really really big doodle! (mockup)

LOOK AT THIS is a weekly series featuring the work of Canadian artists, designers and creators of all sorts.

Name: Dagmara Genda

Born: Koszalin, Poland, 1981

Lives and works: Guelph, but currently based in London, UK.

Her work: Genda’s large-scale drawings, collages and three dimensional wall works have been shown widely across Canada, as well as internationally. For an upcoming exhibition at CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area), she's created a piece called a really really big doodle! (you can see a mockup of the piece above). She told Strombo.com that the work, part of an exhibition of visual art in public spaces, will be “covering the facade of a parkade with adhesive vinyl—basically a super-sized sticker.” The image is going to be a layered drawing made on top of a photograph of the building, then blown up to life-size scale, with a scribbly, chaotic drawing style.

The appeal of public art: “It lets us reimagine our surroundings, how we fit into them, and keeps us from taking our cities for granted. It keeps a place alive.”

A book she’s digging right now: “I just read Watt, Samuel Beckett’s last novel written in the English language. He’ll take one really trivial moment, like four people exchanging a knowing glance, and describe it in its various permutations over ten pages. I feel like this is what I try to do in my work.”

Other Canadian artists she admires: “There are so many! I recently curated a show at AKA Artist-Run in Saskatoon, so those four artists have been most on my mind these days: Christine Negus, Erica Eyres, Kyle Beal and Shanell Papp.”

Genda's CAFKA exhibit will be on display May 31 through June 29 at the Charles & Benton Street Parking Garage in Kitchener, ON.

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