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James Cameron Is Going Back To The Depths Of The Ocean
January 18, 2011
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On January 23, 1960, Captain Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard embarked on a trip into the deepest pocket of the earth's deepest ocean - the Marianna Trench, or the "Challenger Deep." They didn't know what they'd find, or if they'd even return. The two men did, in fact, resurface. But since that time, no other person has dared to descend into that darkness.

That is, until now. Fifty-one years later, director James Cameron is planning to explore that very same aquatic abyss. And no, it's not for some crazy sequel to his hit 'Titanic,' it's actually to capture footage for a sequel of 'Avatar.' Cameron is putting together a team of engineers to build a vessel capable of the task as we speak.

But James... Don't you realize 'Avatar' takes place in the jungle? If you're diving to the deepest depths of the ocean, shouldn't it be for footage to a sequel to your other "great" film, 'Piranha 2?'

I'm not kidding, James Cameron directed Piranha 2. Look it up.


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