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It’s What’s Inside That Counts - Check Out This Anatomically Accurate Body Art
January 9, 2013
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It's a good thing we have skin. It keeps everything in place, protects our insides from exposure, and honestly, makes us look a whole lot nicer than we might otherwise.

But there's a whole lot of interesting stuff going on underneath our skin as well, which artist Danny Quirk wanted to explore. He knows a lot about human anatomy - he's created illustrations for medical journals and doctors in the past, learning some details of the body's inner workings in the process.

So he started creating anatomical body art using Sharpie markers and latex paint on human models.

His first subject was his girlfriend (the photo on the left at the top of the page). Quirk painted that slightly gruesome work for Halloween.

When the image got some attention online, he decided to do more. But first he needed models.

So he came up with a plan: he'd use himself as both guinea pig and billboard, and recruit some new human canvases.


First, Quirk did an anatomical painting on his own hand (above). Then he hit the streets, and anyone who asked him about the artwork got one of his business cards.

On his Facebook page, he says "the experiment was a success." He recruited some models, and he's started creating more artwork.

This one was posted last week:


And here's the process Quirk went through to get to the finished work:


Although the paintings look permanent (a lot of Facebook commenters have asked whether they're tattoos), the latex paint peels off pretty easily.


To find out more about Quirk's artwork, check out his Facebook page right here.


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