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Father Drops Daughter To Catch Baseball; Tries To Explain To His Wife
September 4, 2012
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If you've ever been to a baseball game, there's a good chance that secretly inside your soul, you'd love to catch a ball.

Of course, when that ball comes screaming at you at 95 miles an hour, you probably have one of the following reactions.

A) Duck (and the next day, tell all your friends how close you were to catching it)
B) Battle it out with everyone around you, scratch, claw, and do whatever it takes to get that ball.
C) Drop everything to get both hands free, so you can make the grab

Well, we came across this video today, of a father at a game in Taiwan who went with option 'C'. Only problem is, he was holding his young daughter - emphasis on the word was.

As soon as he saw that ball coming, he was like "honey, I love you but this is my big chance." And down went the little girl.

Maybe the best part is watching the look on his wife's face, as he tries to explain. Check it out.

Of course, baseball is a universal game. And apparently, so are dads who drop their kids. Watch this guy at a Los Angeles Dodgers game drop his daughter to get a ball. And he doesn't even get it.

Then, there's this dad. He shows everyone how it's done - little girl in one hand, foul ball in the other.

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