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If You’re Moving To A New Place, It’s Almost Worth Flying These Guys In From Japan
February 26, 2013
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If you've ever had to move (and we don't mean off the couch), it can be a painful, miserable experience.

You always think it'll be easy; it never is. You don't think you have that much stuff; you're wrong, you do.

There's never enough boxes. You have no idea how to take apart your furniture. You can't get it through the door.

And inevitably, you find old photos or letters or something, and waste way too much time reminiscing and/or crying.

Of course, you could hire movers. But you don't always know what you're getting. And at some point, you end up feeding them.

Unless, you live in Japan. Apparently, in Japan, you just kick back and let the movers do the work - at least with the moving company in the video at the top.

What a job they do. They clean all your stuff, pack it all into protective boxes, then unpack everything, clean it all again.

It costs anywhere from $535 to $1,600 depending on the size of your move.

The video is from the YouTube channel JapanVidTopics.

The administrators say their goal is "to provide a comprehensive view of Japan and promote a better understanding of Japanese culture, nature, science, technology, and tourism."

You can read a lot more about it at web-japan.org right here.

There's also a moving company in Los Angeles that's trying to change the moving experience.

It's called The NorthStar Moving Company and offers services named for famous people, including The Angelina, The Paris, The Jay Leno, The Martha Stewart, The Mother Teresa, and The Britney.

You can read more about it at lamag.com right here.

via mostwatchedtoday.com

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