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Even One Child Soldier is Too Many
November 1, 2010
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The good Senator, Roméo Dallaire, is in the red chair tonight, and I want to bring special attention to the group he's working with because they're doing something really great...


Through Zero Force, Dallaire is uniting an army of people to fight against the use of child soldiers in war. If you weren't already aware of the horrors a child soldier is forced to endure, read this:

At any given time there are a quarter of a million child soldiers globally experiencing a suffering that most of us cannot even imagine. These children are routinely abducted violently from their families at a tender age, and are subjected to forcible confinement, torture, threats, rape, brainwashing, slavery, starvation, intoxication through drugs and sleep deprivation. They are forced to carry heavy loads, including human bodies, not just weaponry. They are often paired up and killed if their partner escapes.

Join the force and learn more here.

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