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David Cronenberg On The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
January 4, 2012
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Very rarely do we hear about the films that directors don't make. David Cronenberg has a long and diverse list of projects he's walked away from, including Top Gun and Interview with the Vampire. Here, Cronenberg explains his decision not to pursue directing duties on the hugely popular The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

David Cronenberg:
It was not something I wanted to do. I mean it was such a recent movie ... it was very successful all over the world, except in North America, that to do a re-make of it would be very strange.

George Stroumboulopoulos: Could you connect with the subject matter?

DC: Yeah - it was hugely popular, but it had a really weird tone to it, that every man in the movie was a misogynist or a rapist, literally. And I just thought this is stacking the deck a little too much. It's one thing to talk about misogyny in society and so on, but it got to the point where I must say it was almost comical. Every man you met, you knew eventually was going to try and rape the lead girl character.

GS: There's only one character - one male that doesn't rape her.

DC: Only one male and he's kind of a-sexual in a weird way. So it had a very weird tone to it that I didn't relate to directly, so I wasn't going to direct it.

It was also announced today that David Cronenberg will present the Clyde Gilmour Award to John Dunning at an awards gala held by the Toronto Film Critics Association on January 10.

The award, designated for a Canadian who has enriched the understanding and appreciation of film in this country, will be presented to Greg Dunning, a producer and John's son.

John Dunning was the co-founder of Cinepix, a film company that helped jump-start the career of many Canadian filmmakers, including Cronenberg.

David Cronenberg is on the show tonight.

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