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Check Out The Best Of National Geographic’s 2012 Kids International Photography Contest
February 8, 2013
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Animals category: Ben Reaich, 12, U.K.

National Geographic has just revealed the top images from its 2012 International Kids Photography Contest.

Humour category: Patria Prasasya, 10, Indonesia

People category: Ana Maja Kralj, 13, Slovenia

There are several categories, including people, humour, scenery and animals. And all of the photos are from children aged six to 14.

Humour category: Nora Grace Correiro, 8, United States

Animals category: Jack Girton, 10, United States

Humour category: Calum Holker, 11, U.K.

Scenery category: Matjaž Benedičič, 10, Slovenia

You can see more images on The Guardian's website and at kids.nationalgeographic.com.

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