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Check Out 10 Records George Is Looking Forward To… And One He’s Appearing On
January 22, 2013
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There are tons of new records dropping in the next few months. If you're not sure which ones you should plunk down your hard-earned cash for (you still pay for music, right?), George has you covered.

k-os - 'Black on Blonde' - January 29, 2013
upcoming-k-os.jpgFirst up is the new record from Kevin Brereton, AKA k-os. It's a double album, it's called 'Black on Blonde', and it's got a lot of exciting guest spots, including Corey Hart, Travis McCoy, Emily Haines, Black Thought, Sam Roberts and Sebastien Grainger.

Oh yeah, and one more: George is appearing on the first song on the second disc. It's called 'Dog Is Mine special Album Mix'. Can't wait to hear that one.

If you're in Toronto on Jan. 29, keep your eyes open: k-os tells us there'll be a release party that day.

Bad Religion - 'True North' - January 22, 2013
upcoming-bad-religion.jpgBad Religion has been in the game for a long time. They formed all the way back in 1979 in Los Angeles.

Their new record, 'True North' is number 16 for the band. But that doesn't mean they've gotten comfortable, or started repeating themselves - they told Billboard recently that "we're still creating our legacy."

Camper Van Beethoven - 'La Costa Perdida' - January 22, 2013
upcoming-camper-van.jpgCamper Van Beethoven is another band with a long, long legacy - they broke way back in 1985 with the tune 'Take The Skinheads Bowling' (it was a big favourite of the infamous DJ Dr. Demento).

Spin recently called them "a punk band perpetually on a Balkan bluegrass bender." Which should give you an idea of the kind of creative, unlikely tunes you'll hear on their new one, 'La Costa Perdida'.

Ben Harper With Charlie Musselwhite - 'Get Up!' - January 29, 2013
upcoming-ben-harper.jpgThis should be a good one - Ryan Mifflin, in a review of the record on the No Depression site, called it "the first great album of 2013."

If you're not familiar with Charlie Musselwhite, he's an American electric blues harmonica player who came up in the early '60s and worked with everyone from Muddy Waters to Buddy Guy to Howlin' Wolf. This record features singing and guitar from Ben alongside some blues harp work from Charlie. Sounds like a strong combination.

Hatebreed - 'The Divinity Of Purpose' - January 29, 2013
upcoming-hatebreed.jpgIf you know Hatebreed, you'll know what this record is all about: pure, unadulterated metalcore. It will be hard. It will be loud. And if you're into it, it will be just right.

For some insights into the writing of the record, check out the album trailer right here. And if the name Hatebreed sounds a little harsh, check out lead singer Jamey Jasta talking about the first song on the new album: "that song is basically about acceptance, and having to say sometimes that not everything has to be a struggle." No hate there.

Kris Kristofferson - 'Feeling Mortal' - January 29, 2013
upcoming-kris.jpgEven if you don't know Kris Kristofferson's music, you probably know his face - he's had a long and successful career as an actor. But he got his start as a folk musician, and at 76, he's honed his sound over the decades.

As the title implies, his latest is about facing his own mortality. A sample line from the title track: "God Almighty, here I am / Am I where I ought to be / I've begun to soon descend like the sun into the sea." But according to the Telegraph, the record's not obsessed with death, it's more about a life well lived.

Tomahawk - 'Oddfellows' - January 29, 2013
upcoming-tomahawk.jpgFor fans of hard music, Tomahawk is sort of a supergroup. The three primary musicians are Mike Patton from Faith No More and Fantomas, John Stanier of Helmet and Battles, Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard, with Trevor Dunn from Mr. Bungle and Fantomas joining the band on this album.

For a taste of the record's sound, check out the title track right here. It's got a nice groove to it, and it sounds a little evil. Right on the money for Tomahawk.

Hayden - 'Us Alone' - February 5, 2013
upcoming-hayden.jpgIt's the return of Hayden! It's been nearly four years since 'The Place Where We Lived', and fans of Hayden's beautiful, fragile tunesmithing are ready for more.

If you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to short February days spent inside, hopefully drinking tea and staring wistfully at your furniture, this is almost certainly your album. Check out the tracklisting right here, and listen to the single 'Old Dreams' on CBC Music.

Son Volt - 'Honky Tonk' - March 5, 2013
upcoming-son-volt.jpgSon Volt has been making great alt country music since 1994, when Jay Farrar put the band together after his former band Uncle Tupelo broke up. It sounds like the new record will focus on a classic theme for all country: heartbreak.

Farrar released a statement saying he used to be "averse to using certain words in songs, including 'love' and 'heart'." Well, things have changed: "Now I guess the floodgates have opened." You can see the tracklist and read more about the record right here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Mosquito' - April 16, 2013
upcoming-yeah-yeah-yeahs.jpgCheck out that album art. It's definitely got people talking - and not all the talk is good. According to the Guardian, fans are "questioning the band's taste, and even their sanity, following the unveiling of their new album cover."

Whatever you think about the sleeve, though, what matters is the music. And based on this teaser video, it sounds like the new record might represent a bit of a return to the raw, messy sound of the band's earlier days, after the electronic sound on their last record 'It's Blitz'. And they do raw and messy pretty well.

Tom Keifer - 'The Way Life Goes' - April 30, 2013
upcoming-tom-keifer.jpgAll right, you've got to be excited about this: Tom is the lead singer of Cinderella, and he's been working on this one, his first solo record, since 2003.

Oh yeah, and it also represents the first new studio music from any member of Cinderella since 1994. For fans of classic heavy metal, it's going to be interesting to hear where Tom is at these days. His site says the record "ranges from intimate, organic, acoustic tracks to driving hard rock." Roll on April 30...


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