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Update: Big Business Meets Big Brother
April 27, 2011
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Update: Yesterday we told you that Apple and Google were accused of tracking and storing the location information of smartphone users in a secret database. Apple has responded to the allegations today - apparently the company denies that it tracks its iPhone customers, or has any plans to do so in the future.

However, Apple did go on to say that while its not tracking your iPhone per se, it IS tracking the location of any Wi-fi hotspots and cell towers that surround your iPhone - even ones hundreds of miles away from where you're standing. That information is stored for quite awhile, and gets sent to Apple anonymously for data collection...

Apple maintains that this is not intentional -- it's just a glitch in its operating system. What do you think?

April 26, 2011

With all the privacy violations Google and Apple have been accused of lately, perhaps we should be thankful they don't team up, form a turbo-corporation called Gapple and develop the technology to see directly into our souls.

Last month, researchers found that iPhone and Androids have been tracking your location and then storing that information in an un-encrypted database for possibly months on end.

Well today, a House committee concerned with privacy issues decided to take action. Officials sent out letters to Apple, Google, and several other smartphone operating systems, asking a series of pointed questions,such as: What location data is being tracked? Why is it being tracked? How is it being stored and shared? The companies have until May 9 to respond.

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