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A Really Comprehensive Look At Wrestling Names
August 19, 2011
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If you smell what The Rock is cooking ... then you're probably in the "Inanimate Objects" section of this very detailed infographic, "The Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names." Pop Chart Lab, the company that brought us the "Periodic Table of Heavy Metals", is at it again with this big and carefully thought out look at the monikers of pro wrestlers past and present.

Check it out here:


If you think you know wrestling, this is a great chance to test your knowledge and see how quickly you can trace out your favourites based on categories like "Animals," "Physical or Metaphysical Attributes," and "Place of Origin." For instance, to find Diamond Dallas Page, you'll have to head to the intersection of "Texas" and "Mineral."

Patrick Mulligan and Ben Gibson, the creative team at the centre of Pop Chart Lab, chose wrestling for this graphic because "it's in the sweet spot of things that we love and things that have a lot of extant data," according to Mulligan. The whole thing is pretty heavy on nostalgia, since many wrestlers of today aren't as colourful with their naming conventions - they just don't make them like The Yukon Lumberjacks (see: "Foreign," "Canadian") anymore.

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