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An Eight-Year-Old Deadmau5 Superfan Is Drawing One Portrait A Day Until They Meet
October 17, 2013
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Here's a distinctly 21st-century way to try to meet your idol: start drawing pictures of him and post them to Twitter, making sure to include his Twitter handle each time.

That's the strategy deployed by "Dariu5," an eight-year-old Deadmau5 superfan from Calgary, who started posting drawings of the Toronto-based electronic musician's signature mask a few days ago:

Pretty soon, in response to Dariu5's Thanksgiving drawing, Deadmau5 himself began to take notice:

Cue an avalanche of new followers and fans for Dariu5, whose father Xerxes does the actual typing for him. And how, exactly, does an eight-year-old get into Deadmau5's amped-up dance music? "From me listening in the car and seeing the album art on Apple TV or on my laptop," Xerxes told Strombo.com. "The mau5head [Deadmau5's cartoon-like mask] is pretty cool for a kid too."

Xerxes says that Dariu5 has been drawing the mouse head image for years now, and even got into trouble for it from a grade one teacher, who was upset that he would draw something so macabre as a dead mouse. She hadn't realized it was a picture of a musician until Dariu5's mom talked to her. "He felt so happy 'cause he thought she didn't like his music," Xerxes says.

Deadmau5 himself, it turns out, was one of Dariu5's first 10 Twitter followers, and even chatted with him by email. "Maybe I will see you soon?" the electronic music giant wrote to his young fan. "You never know!"

Follow @Draw4Deadmau5 on Twitter for a daily dose of Deadmau5.

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