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6th Grade Boy In Rhode Island Gives Amazing Speech In Support Of Marriage Equality
March 25, 2013
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This video has started making the rounds online, but if you haven't seen it - it's definitely worth watching.

In it, 12-year-old Matthew Lannon of Providence, Rhode Island gives an awesome speech about marriage equality.

When Matthew found out his mom was going to testify before the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee, he wanted to speak as well.

And did he ever - giving a smart, articulate, heartfelt speech that he wrote and it totally stole the show.

Matthew told lawmakers that his parents' commitment is "very, very real."

"Do you believe that my parents are equal to every other straight couple in Rhode Island?" he asked. He answered his own question, saying: "I personally believe everyone is equal."

"There's one thing in life that you don't mess with, and that's love," Matthew went on to say. "My parents and all the other gay and lesbian parents here just want to be happy like you. All they want is to be treated fairly."

"And unlike most of you, they have to come here year after year and explain over and over again why their love is equal to yours. This year, you have the opportunity to change that. I say, choose love."

Rhode Island officials are considering a bill that would legalize same sex marriage in the state. It's sponsored by Matthew's aunt, Senator Donna Nesselbush.

Matthew's parents, Maryellen Butke and Josephone O'Connell - who've been together for 14 years - were there to support Matthew.

The hearing lasted 12 hours, ending at 4:57 am, the Providence Journal reports.

Another bill, sponsored by a different senator, calls for a referendum asking if voters want to legalize same-sex marriage.

Rhode Island is the only state in New England that doesn't allow same-sex marriage; it does allow civil unions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples.

The video was made by Providence Journal photographer Kris Craig.

via Salon.com

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