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Guest Ziggy Marley

Go to almost any town, any city in any country on the planet, and you'll hear the music of Bob Marley. Thirty years after his death, he remains an icon; his face on everything from T-shirts to iPod covers. Now, imagine being the son of a legend: How do you forge your own path?

That was Ziggy Marley's challenge.

Growing up, music was a way of life. Playtime was in his dad's studio, where Ziggy learned guitar and drums. When he was 11, he and his siblings helped out their dad on the charity single, 'Children Playing in the Streets.'.Ziggy was only 12 when his father died, and had to learn to overcome his loss -- and legacy.

Ziggy and his siblings continued to make music, and, as The Melody Makers, they achieved something their father never did: A Grammy for their record Conscious Party. (Of course, Grammys weren't given out for reggae until 1984.) He launched his solo career in 2003 and continues to grow as an artist today. He's just released a comic book called Marijuanaman, as well as a new album Wild and Free, a call to arms with songs about social injustice and legalizing weed that carries on the work of his father.

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