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Guest Zach Braff

Sure, you could say Zach Braff's done all right for himself: a successful sitcom; a hit film that he wrote, directed and starred in - and all by the ripe-old age of 28.

That doesn't mean things came easy for Zach. A New Jersey boy, he studied film at Northwestern, then began landing bit parts (he played Woody Allen's son in 'Manhattan Murder Mystery'0.

Zach was working as a waiter in L.A. when he landed his dream role on Scrubs. He quit his job at the restaurant, but there was a hitch. Filming on Scrubs didn't start for four months. Zach took it as a sign and used the time to write the screenplay for what would become Garden State. It was a hell-of-a debut. Garden State earned a serious cult following as well as comparisons to The Graduate. It had a killer soundtrack too.
Handpicked by Zach, it features Nick Drake and The Shins, and won a Grammy.

When 'Scrubs' ended after nine seasons, Zach decided to focus on riskier material. Now, at 35, he's got a new Canadian film called The High Cost of Living. Zach takes a dark turn as a man who is not at all what he seems.

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