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Guest Yannick Bisson

It's probably safe to say your TV show is sort of a big deal when the Prime Minister of Canada wants a guest-starring role.

That's just what happened to Yannick Bisson. The show is 'Murdoch Mysteries' - a Victorian-era crime drama about a handsome young detective, played by Yannick, who uses radical forensic techniques to crack cases.

'Murdoch Mysteries' kicks off its sixth season here on CBC - right where Yannick started his acting career almost 30 years ago.

But the acting life wasn't always easy, and when he unexpectedly became a dad at 19, Yannick figured he'd have to fall back on his Plan B.

He stuck with acting though, got more roles, and together with Rick Springfield - yep, that Rick Springfield - starred in a show called 'High Tide' about a pair of crime-solving surfers.

After that, it was smoother sailing for Yannick, who's still solving crimes on 'Murdoch Mysteries'... which should make one fan in particular, also known as our Prime Minister, very happy indeed.

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