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Guest William Gibson

Legendary science fiction writer William Gibson cut computers with culture in a way that no other writer or thinker had ever done. Back in the early 80s, he coined the term "cyberspace" - way before most of us had even heard of the "world wide web". And for the last 30 years, his speculative novels have hatched radical ideas about virtual environments, technology, and globalism... even predicting the rise of 'reality TV'.

No wonder he's been referred to as "the prophet of our time", not to mention the pioneer of the cyberpunk genre. William developed his passion for science fiction when he was a young boy, living in small town Virginia - disaffected and alienated. In high school he discovered counterculture voices like Kerouac, Burroughs and Pynchon. Eventually he drifted up to Canada, evaded the draft, and met his wife during the '67 Summer of Love.

Not keen to get a "straight" job, he decided to try his hand at writing when their son was born... his first novel 'Neuromancer' was a massive bestseller, sweeping all the major science fiction literary awards of the day. Since then this Vancouver-based visionary has written many more novels, like 'Pattern Recognition'; penned screenplays (based on his short stories) such as 'Johnny Mnemonic', starring Keanu Reeves; and co-written episodes of 'The X-Files'.

Now he's got his first book of non-fiction, 'Distrust That Particular Flavor' - prescient, funny and personal essays that he's published in magazines like WIRED and Rolling Stone over the last 3 decades. An icon for the information age? Indeed. (Repeat interview from January 31)

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