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Guest Wendy Crewson

Need a quick, handy, celebrity-based definition for the word irony? (Hey, it could happen). Take Wendy Crewson. She's probably best known for her decidedly American roles - like the wife of a U.S. president in 'Air Force One', the love interest of a U.S. president in '24', or the girlfriend of U.S. presidential candidate (played by her former husband, Michael Murphy) in 'Tanner '88'.

But Wendy's as Canadian as Kraft Dinner. Born in Hamilton, raised in Winnipeg and Montreal, Wendy got the acting bug in high school. She studied drama first at Queen's University and then in England. After launching her career with shows like CBC's 1980 classic TV-movie 'War Brides', she moved to the U.S. and quickly became the go-to girl for presidential partners. Still, after more than a decade south of the border and with 100 credits to her name, Wendy chose to return to her home and native land.

And while some actors may dabble in activism, Wendy's the real deal. Not only is she a tireless activist on behalf of the Canadian film and TV industry, her roles have spurred her on to real-life heroism. For instance, in 'At the End of the Day', Wendy played Sue Rodriguez, the B.C. woman with A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's disease) who made headlines in the 1990s after challenging the Supreme Court for the right to die. Wendy won a Gemini for her portrayal (just one of six that she's earned over her career), but she also became involved with the ALS Society of Alberta as a patron. She's still committed to the society today - more than a decade since she played the part.

In her latest films, Wendy played a doctor in 'The Vow', helping Rachel McAdams recover from a car accident and an anti-apartheid activist in 'Winnie'. Talk about a national treasure.

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