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Guest Wade Davis

If you're ever at a dinner party and Wade Davis shows up, put away your anecdote about that time you saw the guy from Maroon 5 at the mall. Like immediately, though. You just will not have stories to match this guy's. Wade's gotten high from licking toads in South America.

He's watched a guy turn into a zombie in Haiti. He spent twelve years retracing the steps of the first ever attempts to climb Mount Everest. He started a campaign to stop oil and gas drilling in the Stikine Valley, a jaw-droppingly beautiful region of B.C. Wade calls home.

Wade is an ethno-botanist, a prolific writer, an anthropologist, and because that's obviously not enough, he also holds what might be the coolest job title of them all: Explorer-In-Residence at National Geographic.

Wade is a big believer in getting out and seeing the world up close - we take much better care of our planet when we have a personal relationship with the land, the water, and the indigenous people on it. And that's why Wade is helping to launch National Geographic's Lindblad Expeditions - trips that, starting this summer, will take eager adventurers to the Arctic Ocean and up and down both Canadian coasts.

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