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Guest Vicki Lawrence

If you look up 'variety show' in the dictionary, you just might see a cast photo from 'The Carol Burnett Show'.

It's considered by many to be the grand daddy of variety shows. Or better yet, the grand mama.

That's where Vicki Lawrence cut her chops as 'Thelma Harper' - aka 'Mama' - the matriarch of a blue collar mid west family known for her sharp tongue, quick wit and no nonsense approach to life.

After 'The Carol Burnett Show', Vicki went on to star in 'Mama's Family' for a six year run where she continued to build 'Mama's' iconic status.

But there is more to Vicki Lawrence that just 'Thelma Harper'.

Bet you didn't know Vicki hit the music charts in the 70's with her Southern gothic tune 'The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia'.

And she's long been a pioneer for women in the entertainment industry. Besides helping forge a path for women in comedy, she became one of the few successful female game show hosts with 'Win, Lose or Draw'.

She also hosted her own day time talk show 'Vicki' in the early 90's. And more recently, she played Miley Cyrus' grandmother on the hit show 'Hannah Montana'.

Recently, Vicki was back on stage doing what she knows best - portraying herself and 'Thelma Harper' in 'Vicki Lawrence and Mama: A Two Women Show'.

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