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Guest Vandana Shiva

More than 30 years ago, Vandana Shiva had an epiphany. Before leaving for Canada to begin her Ph.D in philosophy, she decided to visit one of her favourite childhood spots near a river in the foothills of the Himalayas in a place called Dehradun. When she arrived, she was stunned: the river was gone. Dried up. That was the moment when Vandana knew she had to take action. And in the 30-plus years since that day, Vandana has taken up her fight locally and around the world.

She is now considered to be a world leader - as a physicist, philosopher and activist. Vandana's father was a forest worker who taught her early that co-existing with the environment was the key to long-term survival. Vandana started the Chipko Movement in India to save the trees of her Himalayan hometown. Her mother, a teacher-turned-farmer, taught her the importance of sustainable local agriculture.

So Vandana established Navdanya - a program to promote local and ecological food models. Vandana says corporate takeover of food can only lead to harm and believes the suicide of thousands of poor Indian farmers over the past decade can be directly linked to food globalization. We'll ask her about that connection and about her overriding message: that there can be no Us, separate from Them and why she believes there can be no justice without sustainability.

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