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Guest Tzeporah Berman

In 1971, a group of volunteers calling themselves Greenpeace set sail in a small fishing boat off the coast of Vancouver. Their mission was to stop a US nuclear weapons test off the coast of Alaska. While they didn't exactly succeed (the bomb went off), the group went on to become the largest independent environmental organization in the world. Greenpeace has three million supporters in 41 countries, and this year it celebrates its 40th birthday.

In that time, environmental issues have shifted considerably, and Tzeporah Berman has had a front row seat through it all. She arrived in British Columbia a keen and idealistic 22-year old, and quickly became the face of the anti-logging movement of the '90s. She led thousands in the protests at Claoquot Sound and co-founded the non-profit organization, ForestEthics. But she outgrew her West Coast hippy image and found value in extending a hand to the corporate world she once vilified.

Today, she's the co-director of the Climate and Energy Program at Greenpeace and the author of a new book, This Crazy Time. It documents a 20-year journey from blockades to boardrooms, and serves as a great guide on how to dance with the enemy, when everyone is watching.

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