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Guest Tyler Brûlé

It's a life many dream of: chilling in the airport VIP lounge, completing the Times crossword with your Montblanc fountain pen while awaiting your flight to Monaco.

Tyler Brûlé's the guy who turned that dream into a magazine - Monocle, a monthly briefing on global affairs, business and culture that also sells the idea of freedom.

Prior to Monocle Tyler launched the pioneering magazine, Wallpaper: art, design, architecture, travel... a celebration of a certain kind of life that he dreamed up when his own life was seriously threatened. In 1994 while working as a reporter in Afghanistan, Tyler was shot twice in a sniper attack.

And while recuperating, he created the brand he would eventually embody: smart, stylish, globe-trotting.

With Monocle, Editor-in-Chief Tyler Brûlé has extended his brand with an international radio service, boutiques, and opened his 5th Monocle bureau in Toronto - bringing him back home to Canada.

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