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Guest Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer is an Albertan, through and through. She grew up on a grain farm, and was driving tractors while most other kids were riding bikes.

But she never intended to stay on the farm. Her goal was to be a psychologist, and by her last year of high school, she had the marks and determination to see it happen. But a trip to the local movie theater changed all that. She was discovered while standing in line with her friends, and at just 17 she was whisked away to New York and was quickly named the Ford Agency Supermodel of the world. Within a year went from earning $5 an hour loading grain to $20,000 a day, walking the catwalk.

But after a decade of modeling and countless magazine covers, she was ready for a new challenge. At age 28 she packed her bags for Tinsletown and never looked back. Best known as Number Six, in the cult classic 'Battlestar Galactica', Helfer has worked on shows like 'Chuck', 'Two and a Half Men', and 'Dark Blue'. This year she stars alongside Josh Lucas, and fellow Canadian Shaun Majumder in 'The Firm', a remake of the 1993 Tom Cruise classic.

Remarkably, she still finds time to do work back on her parent's farm, which leads us to believe she's the only model who's both graced the cover of Vogue and built a lean-to off a hay shed.

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