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Guest Tony Clement

Rizzo. McLovin'. Smash. What's high school without a nickname?

Well, if you ask Tony Clement, it might have been a whole lot easier. At George S. Henry Secondary in North Toronto, he was known as 'Tony the Tory.' And with good reason.

Tony was born in Manchester, England. When he was four his family immigrated to Ontario, where his Mom landed a job with the late Conservative MPP Bill Hodgson. Young Tony worked on Bill's campaigns and became smitten with the political process.

While in law school at the University of Toronto, Tony's conservative views flourished. Inspired by the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, Tony became the leader of the campus Progressive Conservatives, laying the foundation for a job he'd land less than ten years later; President of the Ontario Conservative Party.

In 2006, Tony won his first federal race, and has since become an important player in the Harper government: He was Minister of Health, and made the decision to keep Potash in Canadian hands as Industry Minister.

These days, Tony is keeping busy as the President of the Treasury Board. Despite the pressure, he's found time to play guitar and earn a new nickname for himself: as the Tory Twitter King.

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