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Guest Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo says that mixing government with religion is like mixing ice-cream with horse manure: while you won't ruin the horse manure, you'll definitely spoil the ice cream.

Tony's an ordained Baptist minister, who believes his fellow Evangelicals in the U.S. are doing the country a disservice, by suggesting that if Americans are not in the Republican Party, they're not walking with God. He calls himself as a Red-Letter Christian; meaning he feels most strongly about the parts of the New Testament that are direct teachings from Jesus.

Tony argues that instead of pinning ideological and religious debate around two issues - homosexuality and abortion - we should be focusing more on connecting with one another and promoting social justice.

Tony's father was a union organizer, and it's safe to say that some of that tenacity rubbed off on him. As his clashes with Rush Limbaugh and the late Reverend Jerry Falwell clearly show - Tony's not afraid to stir the pot.

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