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Guest Tom Perrotta

Back in 1978 An aspiring 17-year-old writer named Tom Perrotta passed up tickets to see Bruce Springsteen at the Capitol Theater. Before you judge - he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend. Well, that very night tom's girlfriend broke up with him - and Bruce played a legendary five-hour concert that people still talk about today.

So, to recap: not a great day. But safe to say things have picked up for Tom since then. One of his early books was 'Election' - it nailed high school politics. Well, politics in general. And was made into a highly successful movie. Then Tom wrote 'Little Children'. It was a very dark story, set in suburbia. That too was made into a successful movie and Tom received an Oscar nod for co-writing the screenplay. Not bad for a guy who grew up in suburban New Jersey and shares a birthday with The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce with whom he feels he also shared an uncanny resemblance.

Tom's latest novel is called 'The Leftovers' and it's got a really intriguing premise. The title refers to those left behind after millions of people worldwide disappear in a single moment. The book raises questions about faith and religion and about how to carry on living after a catastrophe. And more good news for Tom: he's working with HBO to turn the book into a series. And if that's not enough, Bruce Springsteen is back on tour. Coming soon to a town near Tom.

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