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Guest Tom Green

Tom Green has built a career on crossing the line and taking chances.

At 15, he was doing stand-up and by his early 20s he'd hooked up with a funny rap crew called Organized Rhyme. They scored a Juno nomination and a MuchMusic Video Award, but failed to really shake up the charts.

So Tom returned to comedy with The Tom Green Show on Ottawa cable TV. It was sort of a variety show, but featured some pretty freaky stuff. Tom drank milk from a cow's udder. And put a cow's head in his parents' bed as they slept.

In 1999, the show was picked up by MTV and Tom became a star. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone. He had a new girlfriend - Drew Barrymore - who he eventually married and divorced. He even had a shout-out in an Eminem song.

Then, life changed in a big way. Tom was diagnosed with testicular cancer. But it didn't stop his creativity. He made a documentary called The Tom Green Cancer Special that showed his vulnerable side.

From there, he moved on to films - with Road Trip and Freddie Got Fingered. That one actually 'won' five Razzie awards, including Worst Picture. Tom, being Tom, showed up to collect his hardware.

In 2006, he made a comeback with Tom Green's House Tonight, a live nightly, more mature talk show - shot in his own living room.

Now, Tom is back doing stand-up, with a world tour.

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