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Guest Tom Flanagan

Political scientist and political pundit Tom Flanagan was having an ordinary evening in Lethbridge, Alberta, participating in a discussion of the Indian Act (one of his areas of specialty) when a spectator asked a question about a sidebar comment Flanagan had made to a student reporter some years before. The question dealt with child pornography and the appropriate punishments for those who offend. Flanagan did not realize that he was being filmed and the next day, his comments were posted to YouTube under the header “Flanagan Okay with Child Porn.” Before he could return to his Calgary home, he had been declared persona non grata by old friends and colleagues, including the Prime Minister's Office. His new book, also called Persona Non Grata, chronicles his experiences following the "incident," a humiliating eye-opener for a man who once advised some of the most powerful figures in this country.

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