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Guest Timothy Olyphant

Sheriff, assassin, gay photographer, and a guy who's falling for his dead best friend's fiance. You gotta hand it to Timothy Olyphant - the guy's got range.

And not just in his roles. He's made it in TV and film, and radio for that matter. He was a sports commentator for an indie show in LA - with David Lynch doing weather! But I digress.

Timothy got his start at acting school in New York. He did some off-Broadway after that, then in '96, broke onto the big screen - with a small part in 'The First Wives Club.' But his real breakthrough came a year later, in 'Scream 2.'

After nearly ten years doing movies, Tim moved over to TV in 2004 - in a big way. A lead role on the HBO hit 'Deadwood.' Tim did 'Damages' after that, alongside Glenn Close. Plus, a few more flicks you might recall - he battled Bruce Willis in 'Live Free or Die Hard', and was the hitman in the video-game inspired 'Hitman.' He actually found out he got that role by reading it on Google.

These days, Timothy is a modern day cowboy at the centre of a new FX series, originally called 'Law Man' - now called 'Justified.' And in his latest flick, 'High Life', he plays an orderly addicted to morphine, who gets caught in a heist gone wrong.

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