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Guest Tim Flannery

When you think "global warming", who's the first person you think of?

Maybe Al Gore? Well, you know what - before he made 'An Inconvenient Truth', there was this guy - Australia's Tim Flannery.

Tim is an explorer, biologist, conservationist, and author of 'The Weather Makers.' That book came out in 2005, and it really put climate change on the map. If you were in politics at the time, you might call it a game-changer.

Flannery laid out what is now widely accepted: climate change is real, we're responsible for it, and we need to act NOW to prevent disaster. And people started to listen... politicians, celebrities, and businesses. Our own David Suzuki called it "one of the most important books of the young century.

And Tim's still beating the drum. He's got a new book, called 'Now or Never: A Sustainable Future for Australia?' And that's not all. In December, in Denmark, the UN is holding a big conference on global warming. Tim is the chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council and is pushing for a new climate change deal, before it's too late.

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