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Guest Tie Domi
If you're a hockey fan, and you don't mind the odd scrap, it doesn't get any better than Domi vs. Probert. Now, if you're not into hockey, here's the deal. These guys are two of the toughest players in NHL history. Don't believe me? Look up the all time penalty minute list. Tie Domi - third overall. Bob Probert - fifth. Combined - nearly seven thousand minutes in the box! Domi played nearly 15 seasons with the Rangers, Winnipeg Jets and the Leafs. He didn't score a lot of goals, but the hometown fans loved him. Same goes for Bob Probert. Sixteen years in the NHL - with Detroit and Chicago. He even played in the '88 all-star game. Now, Domi and Probert are no strangers. They fought each other many a night - most famously - February 9th, 1992 - Madison Square Garden. At the time, Probert was the undisputed NHL champ and Domi was the new guy on the block. When it was over, the title changed hands - at least, that's how Domi saw it. Probert got his revenge the next season, and a classic rivalry was born. Now, fast-forward to today, and Domi and Probert are set to clash again. Only this time, instead of fighting, they're figure skating. That's right. Eight former NHLers paired with some of Canada's best female figure skaters make up CBC's new reality show - 'Battle of the Blades.'
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